Dr. Jelena Fiosina


Latest publications

J. Fiosina, M. Fiosins, and S. Bonn. (2019) Deep learning and random forest-based augmentation of sRNA expression profiles. In Z. Cai, P. Skums, and M. Li, editors, Bioinformatics Research and Applications, pages 159–170, Cham, 2019. Springer International Publishing  [Preprint]

J. Fiosina, M. Fiosins, and S. Bonn. (2019) Explainable deep learning for augmentation of sRNA expression profiles. Journal of Computational Biology, 2019

Best Blue Sky paper Award: S. Kraus, A. Azaria, J. Fiosina, M. Greve, N. Hazon, L. Kolbe, T.Lembcke, J. P. Müller, S. Schleibaum, M. Vollrath. (2020) AI for Explaining Decisions in Multi-Agent Environments, Blue Sky Paper, AAAI 2020 : The Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2020 (to appear)[Preprint]

J. Fiosina, M. Fiosins (2017). Distributed Nonparametric and Semiparametric Regression on SPARK for Big Data Forecasting. Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing, 2017, 13. [Bib]

Fiosina, J. and Fiosins, M. (2014). Resampling based Modelling of Individual Routing Preferences in a Distributed Traffic Network. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence 12(1), 79-103. [Preprint]

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